War of the Worlds

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    Yuval Sharon


Part of GU1 Green Umbrella


Yuval Sharon, director

Jonathan Deans, concept sound designer

David Bullard, concert hall sound designer

Jody Elff, siren sites sound designer

Jaymee Ngernwichit, costume designer

Pablo Santiago, lighting designer

Lara Helena, alien choreographer

Calder Greenwood, production designer

Sigourney Weaver, Narrator

Hila Plitmann, La sirena

Hugo Armstrong, Professor Pierson

Suzanna Guzmán, Mrs. Martinez and Estella Ramos, Acting Secretary of the Interior

Joanna Lynn-Jacobs, Melissa Morse

Hadleigh Adams, General Lansing

Jon Lee Keenan, Gunner/Stage Hand

David Castillo, Officer

James Hayden, Commander/Sound Designer


Annie Gosfield: War of the Worlds (world premiere, LA Phil commission)

Co-produced with The Industry and Now Art.

The War of the Worlds radio play by Howard Koch used by permission of Peter Koch

About This Performance

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War of the Worlds

Orson Welles’ 1938 “fake news” led millions of panicked listeners to believe that aliens were invading. Yuval Sharon takes the original radio script as the basis of an audacious new performance piece to be heard around L.A. — at WWII era sirens reactivated for two-way communication — and simultaneously at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Composer Annie Gosfield’s use of radio sounds makes her the ideal collaborator in this must-see event.

War of the Worlds can be experienced in four different ways: purchase tickets to the performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall or make a free reservation for a spot at one of the three siren sites.

War of the Worlds is also performed on Nov 18

Co-produced with The Industry and Now Art.

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